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''UBUNTU, how can one of us be happy if all the other ones are sad?''[…]

I've just come across this interesting statement on storytelling.  It's short but fascinating.Be careful which stories you expose yourself to.[…]

More snatching daggers from the air.  I'm impressed.  Pete Gample is throwing the knives and I'm catching them.  This is the second time we've tried this trick and I can now see the knives which helps.  But if you get it wrong they hit the hand with some force.  I had quiet a bruise on my thumb.  I suffer for my art. For those of you from the storytelling world I promise this is all to do with the circus I'm not a weirdo[…]

Last Sunday I snatched a dagger out of the air.  See the video.  WOW[…]

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