Onward to Georgıa

7th June 2012

It's been a while since I've bee able to but something up but here it is.

Sibiu, a great town.  If you come stay at the Felinarul Hostel.  The couple who run it seem to do it out the joy of meeting people.  On the first evening  guitars came out and my ukulele.  We played, sang and drank till 10.30 and then went out to see a big Swedish fire show in the main square.  We had supper at 2.30. Great.  Swedish circus is 15 years behind the times.

I was given a couple of recipes by Helen and her husband one for tripe soup. So when I get back.

Day 13.  The number is appropriate.  We went over the Trans Alpina road which hits 6000ft. It was cold rainy and wet. I came off on a section of unmade road and damaged a pannier.  When we finally arrived at a hotel that evening we were cold, tense ad tired.me down a hole

The next day found tyre shop that changed my rear tyre and straightened my pannier frame in a workman like Romanian way.

We past through a lots of villages on our way to Bulgaria.  All the way there were shepard's standing motionless watching small flocks nothing going on. They look at us moving past with a still gaze which I can't read.

Ferry over the Danube into Bulgaria. Great roads, visited a Thracian tomb. Must spend more time here one day. On to Turkey.

1 hour at the Turkish border sorting out insurance and visas. Got split up in the city of Erdine so we met up some15 milesout. Ppulled by the police for a document check. This was to happen a couple of times. Ferry over the Bospherous. Lots of riding into the heart of Turkey. Played backgamon, must not underestimate Danny. Stayed at the Hilton in Kataya for £33. Saw a porta-mosque. Stopped at and unpromisig dusty town which was full of nice people. One of whom brought out his 1930 BSA motorbyke. Finally made it to Hattusa and day 19. Drank Racki with hotel owner, archaeologist and 2 off duty policemen. Danny sensibly went to bed.

Saturday rode our bikes around the 3000 year old capital of the Hittits, Hattusa. Fantastic, look it up. The Hittits were not a nice people. One guide book says they contribute to world peace. If they did I think they did it by killing every one around so there was no one left to fight. They then wiped themselves out.

Danny had a rest while I went of to a local festival. It was full of farming families with there tractors parked up. Lots of trad music and dancing. I was checked out and treated very well. A nice time.

To more days to Nemrut Dag. It's easy to underestimate the size of Turkey.  Had some scary gravel road times. The off road is much easyer. I will try to upload to YouTube a video of it.

We are now heading north to Georgia.  Having the day of in Erzurum a lively city.

It's day 23,Thursday 7th June. BFN.

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