Students telling

2 groups of year 8 students telling stories to children from a feeder school.


All workshops are preceded by a 1 hour storytelling show. This stimulates the students imaginations and shows them an example of a performance. It will start to give them a bank of character archetypes and scenarios that they can draw on and adapt in their own story creating and teaches them narritive patterns.

A combination of shows and workshops can be planned for the day.


Telling to the page

This workshop is an oral and memory based session in which the children build their own stories. The session starts with language games to draw the group together and warm them up. We then create a story in pairs and finally present it to the group. This is a physical session which should take place in a cleared area to allow for movement. The students can then, supported by the teacher, proceed to develop their stories in the classroom towards producing a written piece.

Story Lines

A class room based session looking at the content, structure and progression within traditional tales. The students can then extend and develope the work into new stories.

Poetry through riddles

This workshop has the students to writing short poems about objects without naming the object.  A worksheet is provided for the teacher.



Becoming a storyteller involves the learning and performing oral stories.  I will teach the art of storytelling and some performance technique. The audieance for the shows can range from just within the workshop or visiting children from feeder schools.  The workshop will help students understand the structure of narrative, it will teaches them performance skills and is excellent for confidence building.

All workshops are design in consultation with you.


With 33 years of performing and teaching experience, Francis has worked in a vast range of settings across all ages and abilities. As a storyteller and former circus performer and trainer, Francis has run large circus/theatre and storytelling projects for education authorities and organisations.  He is passionate about performing and the influence it can have on the development of individuals and groups..

I have a full disclosure CRB certificate and public liability insurance.  I am a member of Equity.

I'm a storyteller whose performances engages, illuminates and entertains with stories that delve to the roots of our imagination.  You will see your world in a different light, and from a different place.





More information to follow.